New Trier Sailing to Remain at Chicago Yacht Club

Following months of consideration and a robust discussion at an open forum Board meeting on Monday, June 12th, the New Trier Sailing Parent Board has voted to keep our high school sailing program at Chicago Yacht Club in Belmont Harbor for now. The Board would like to thank Sheridan Shore Sailing School’s Executive, Director Skip Dieball, CYC Head Coach Hector Guzman and his team, the sailors and parents for attending and sharing both essential data and personal experiences that helped to inform the board’s decision.

As you all know, the board had been exploring the possibility of relocating the New Trier Sailing program from Chicago Yacht Club to Sheridan Shore Sailing School in Wilmette for reasons that included transportation ease and Sheridan Shore’s ongoing investments in its high school program. Skip and Hector each spoke about their philosophy and priorities at the start of the open forum. New Trier Sailing Team Captains Preston Levy and Lucy Elvart, then spoke on behalf of the team, articulating reasons they favored remaining at CYC, which included the results the teams ranking among other schools in the region. Many other New Trier sailors and their parents also shared perspectives and asked questions, listening attentively, and speaking respectfully.

Ultimately, the principal reason for the Board’s decision to remain at CYC, which offset the
transportation challenges, was parents’ and sailors’ strong confidence in CYC’s ability to continue
elevating the skill, experience, and team spirit of the New Trier sailors.

The decision was difficult and now that it’s done, we look forward to summer sailing and the fall season to come.

Sail fast!

All the Best,
Kevin Donahue
President, New Trier Sailing Parent Board