2020 PCISA Rose Bowl in Long Beach, CA

The New Trier Sailing team receives no funding from New Trier High School.  Therefore, sailors are responsible for all the costs associated with participating.

We estimate the annual cost of participating to be $3500-4500. This amount will vary with the number and locations of regattas in which a sailor participates. Generally, less experienced sailors will sail in fewer and/or closer regattas, but may have higher gear “startup” expenses.

The costs we have included in our estimate above include:

  • Program fees charged by New Trier Sailing ($450 per semester) to cover bus transportation, insurance and other administrative expenses.
  • Program fees charged by Chicago Yacht Club ($~700 per semester) to cover the use of their facilities, coaches, boats and insurance.
  • Junior Membership fees for Chicago Yacht Club (~$400 per year).  Sailors are expected to join the Chicago Yacht Club after their first season.
  • The cost of participating in regattas allocated by New Trier Sailing (pro-rata share of registration fees, transportation, lodging, etc.) and by Chicago Yacht Club (coach travel expenses)
  • Investment in sailing gear and equipment and the purchase of team uniforms

Click here for a detailed analysis of these costs.

Sailors who participate in non-scholastic club sailing in the winter or summer will have additional sailing expenses not directly related to New Trier Sailing.