Nathan Whisner '19 and Dylan Cotter ' 18 catch a wave at the ACC Qualifiers (2017)

We hope that every parent will take the time to chaperone regattas, whether home or away. It is a great way to get to know the sailors your child spends so much time with and of course we need chaperones for every event.

As chaperone, your primary job is to ensure the safety of our sailors and to be available and reachable in case of emergency. Prior to the event, we will give you an “emergency football” that contains a medical history, a medical power of attorney, insurance information, and emergency contacts for every sailor. We hope you will never need to use it!

For “away” or travel regattas you will also be in charge of food, lodging, and transportation. New Trier Sailing does not allow sailors (even if licensed) to drive to, from, or at events outside Illinois. You will be reimbursed by NTS for any relevant expenses you incur. (See our reimbursement policy and form.)

Your final “job” as a chaperone is to do anything else our sailors or their coaches need to make for a successful event. But, let the coaches handle the coaching and coaches or sailors handle any protests about on-the-water happenings.

Please do not provide lunches for the sailors at home or “non-travel” regattas. We realize it may seem helpful or friendly, but we believe this is the best policy. First, regattas often provide food. Second, we expect high school sailors to be responsible for their own nutrition. If the Notice of Race does not mention food, they should be packing a lunch. (As you know, many of them may well prefer to eat twice anyways.) Finally, we don’t want future chaperones to feel that spending potentially hundreds of dollars on lunches is an expected part of chaperoning.

Finally, we strongly suggest bringing a folding chair, warm clothes, sunscreen, binoculars, and possibly a handheld VHF marine radio (which you can often use to find out what is going on on the water).