Ted Lutton '20 and Sammy Stober '20 at the Rose Bowl Regatta in Long Beach, CA (2018)

No question about it: high school sailing in the Midwest is a gear-intensive sport. To keep our sailors save they have to be prepared for both cold air and cold water

Fall Season Gear

Not everything is needed early in the season, but will be needed later in the season as the weather cools:

  • Type III Coast Guard approved life jacket (required)
  • Spray gear (top and bottom)
  • Warm base layers (top and bottom long underwear)
  • Neoprene sailing boots (e.g. Gill or Zhik boots)
  • Sailing gloves to prevent blisters (in warm weather)
  • Additional gloves for warmth (these can either be made specifically for sailing or rubber dish gloves over a pair of warm gloves work well to keep hands dry)
  • Warm wool socks
  • Hats on a lanyard/retainer clip (for sun protection or warmth)
  • Polarized sunglasses with retainer strap and clip
  • Waterproof watch with timer or racing watch
  • Sailing duffel bag (minimum 60L capacity)
  • Bailer (an Arnold Palmer or AZ ice tea plastic jug with cap on and the bottom cut off works well)
  • Dry clothes to change into after practice
  • Water bottle and sunscreen
  • NT Sailing tech t-shirt and pinnie (required for all sailors)
  • Drysuit
    • There are some years that a drysuit is required toward the end of the fall season, other years where it is not required until spring
    • Drysuits are $600 and up if purchased new
    • Coaches will provide notice during the latter part of the fall season if a drysuit is required – this is dependent entirely on weather conditions and water temperatures as monitored by coaches
    • I you do not already own a drysuit, it is recommended that you have a plan in place to acquire one on short notice, if necessary
    • They are not typically stocked in many brands/sizes at retail stores such as West Marine in Chicago or Line Honors in Lake Geneva – selection is limited – so call first to check stock before making the trip
    • Line Honors in Lake Geneva and the online retailers listed below can be quite helpful over the phone in determining the correct size to purchase and then can ship directly to you

Sailors should not wear anything made from cotton, which does not dry quickly nor provide warmth when wet.

Spring Season Gear

Everything from the fall season, plus:

  • Dry suit (absolutely required for spring season due to the water temperature) – see details, above
  • May need warmer base layers than were worn in the fall (e.g. fleece)


See below for our recommended list of gear and suppliers.  Also, please see these order forms :

Most local and online suppliers listed below will offer a 15-20% discount if you mention you are a high school sailor.

The sailing stores in the Chicago area are:

  • West Marine at 1160 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60642 (312-255-1464)
  • Crowleys at 3434 East 95th Street Chicago, Illinois 60617 (773-221-9990)
  • Line Honors at 726 Geneva St, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 (262-248-8800)

It is highly recommended that you call the store in advance of making the trip there to ensure they have current inventory in the item(s) you would like to purchase.

On-line retailers include:

  • APS
    • The APS Advisor section of this website provides a guide for What to Wear for College and High School Sailing
  • Team 1 Newport
    • The “scholastic sailing” section of this web site provides examples of products commonly purchased for high school sailing
  • Zhik
  • Zim Sailing