2020 Rose Bowl

Our first order of business in LA was picking up our magnificent van Alejandro (renamed Alphonso). Next we enjoyed lunch at the local In-N-Out Burger. In a later interview with George Barton ‘22, Mr. Barton stated that “while the In-N-Out burgers were of an acceptable quality, I couldn’t help but feel this particular In-N-Out Burger was an extension of the airport. Perhaps, this specific franchise location was compromised by its close proximity to LAX International Airport; the heavy, constant, and non-Californian traffic may have diluted the authentic In-N-Out Burger experience into something else of lesser quality and higher quantity. While my time at In-N-Out Burger was average, not bad, one cannot help but gaze out at the smoggy Los Angeles and crave a more bona fide In-N-Out Burger establishment.” We arrived at our Airbnb shortly afterwards. There was a mutual attraction for California sunsets, so the seven of us drove down to the dog beach after a mini shopping trip. We walked to Korean barbecue for dinner and upon our return we had a passionate sleeping arrangement debate.

Hover hands

On Friday we went to the US Sailing center to sail their FJs in preparation for the regatta, but there was no wind to sail in. We spent what seemed like hours drifting along Long Beach to the regatta site. Once the boats were put away on the beach, we went home, and the parents made a wonderful chicken and asparagus dinner with ice cream and a James Bond movie after dessert. 

The conditions for the weekend were light but steady southerly sea breeze. When watching on the beach, it felt at least ten degrees colder than on the water. Still, it was great to be sailing and beach-ing in the Californian warmth.

Henry Merrilees ’20 rounding the mark

For the bronze fleet, Cal Lutton ’22 was at the helm with Molly Morris ‘21 at the bow in A Division, and Ben Lewis ’20 was at the helm with Abby O’Keefe ’23 in the bow in B fleet with Will Broseman ’22 rotating in. Before race 5B, Ben Lewis ’20 realized his boat had been sabotaged by a conniving Californian and it was “Hero Time.” He was able to apply jib tension on the water and have a great set of races. In the final standings A division got 12th out of 20th while B Fleet got 11th out of 20th bringing NT to an 11th place overall finish in bronze.

Ben Lewis ’20 & Will Broseman ’22 on the beach

Ted Lutton ’20, Quin Doughty ’21, Henry Merrilees ’20, and George Barton ’22 competed in New Trier’s debut in gold fleet at Rose Bowl. New Trier was one of only two out-of-state teams that were selected for the gold fleet this year. Throughout the weekend, NT struggled to get off of the start line cleanly and the California natives were faster in FJs. New Trier still put up an impressive fight, and Coach Dave’s support made it feel like we were at the top of the division even though we finished dead last.

Henry Merrilees ’20 & George Barton ’22 on the prowl

Special thanks to Dave Gerber, Sarah Sullivan, Kim Rode, Josh Lutton, and Laura Lutton who all worked to make our trip amazing.